ANTIQUE firearms

Apache Firearms

Westlake, OH 44145

Purchase and Ordering Policies

• Please email [email protected] or call us at 440-617-6785 to determine if the item you are    

   interested in remains available.


• If the item is available, and you are under no disability to purchase a firearm, we will hold it

  5 business days, awaiting payment. If payment is not received in 5 business days the item will be  

  returned to stock immediately.


• We accept:  

          o Money Orders, Cashier Checks and Personal Checks

                    (For Personal Checks, shipping will follow in 10 business days)

          o Refunds on cancelled purchases are less 15% restocking fee.


• Make payments payable to: Apache Firearms


• All Antique Firearms are Pre-1898 and sold strictly as Antique Collectibles only. They are not  

   warranted as safe to load or fire.


• All Pre-1898 weapons are considered antique under Federal law and do not require a Federal

   Firearms License in most states and locales. Buyers of Antique Firearms must be at least 21 years of

   age and legal to purchase in his/her state of residence. Residents of states and locales with stricter  

   guidelines that exceed the Federal laws must have items shipped directly to an FFL or Curio & Relics



• No international sales are accepted, sales are for the USA only.


If you are not an Ohio resident, we will ship your firearms to your local gun dealer when he e-mails, or sends in the mail a copy of his signed, current FFL license. If you have a current ATF C&R License we can ship qualified firearms directly to your location.  The cost for a handgun is $25 and up for shipping and insurance, $40 and up for long guns.  If requested, we will provide a tracking number to you when the gun is shipped. We will ensure that your firearms are packed correctly. Our goal is to ship your firearms the same day we have the correct license and certified funds.

Out of State Buyers


email : [email protected]           telephone: 440-617-6785

                                                                    cell:            440-897-8791


Contact us.........

Storage Fees

If a firearm remains with Apache Firearms for more than ten (10) days past the date the customer was notified that we received the firearm for an incoming transfer, a storage fee of $5.00 per week will accrue retroactively to the date on which the customer was notified of the firearm's receipt. All trasnfer fees, shipping and storage fees must be paid before Apache Firearms releases/transfers the firearm.

Abandoned Inbound Transfers

Firearms transferred to Apache Firearms are considered abandoned if not picked up within 30 calendar days unless arrangements are made within the 30 day calendar period.